Pillar International Insurance Advisors, LLC was founded as an independent insurance and benefit plan advisory firm to affluent individuals, families, and companies. We offer products and services to substantial privately held firms, publicly traded companies, professional service organizations, and the exceptionally well to do, both domestically and internationally. Known for creativity, thoughtful analysis, quality execution, and remarkable client service, Pillar is owned, managed and staffed by senior professionals with backgrounds in accounting, law, investments, and insurance.

Insurance is a dynamic asset and performance must be measured against original objectives, and policies adapted to financial conditions and the evolving needs of our clients. Our experienced staff and unique service model allow for customized reporting as part of our ongoing service commitment. The underwriting of coverage and the establishment of insurance policies and benefit structures are only the beginning of our relationship. Consistent monitoring of our clients’ product portfolios is fundamental to our business model.

Pillar is a Member Firm of M Financial Group. As such, our clients have exclusive access to proprietary insurance products that are priced with M reinsurance company mortality charges, and expenses that reflect the quality of business and the extraordinary policy size generated through the M channel.