We work with leading advisors and their clients, including family offices, to analyze, structure, acquire, and manage life insurance portfolios. Typically, this involves third party analysis, managing premiums to meet cash-flow requirements, and measuring policy performance against the original assumption set. Ownership and financing arrangements for the insurance policies often involve private or institutional financing which require valuations and tax or economic benefit reporting. These calculations and reports are imbedded in our policy management and report services.

Pillar provides the expert insurance services necessary to help support the tax, accounting, and legal structuring required for the efficient transfer of value between generations, or family branches, or company ownership and key executives. Our discretion, thoughtfulness, creativity and attention to detail have been recognized by advisors and their clients and have resulted in our connection with a great many family offices and prominent closely held entities and their owners, particularly those with pass-through income tax status.

Pillar has assisted a number of advisors working with non U.S. citizens that have U.S. based assets or business interests. U.S. issued life insurance products offer greatly beneficial economic as well as income and estate tax attributes. Pillar has been successful in helping these clients qualify for, acquire and manage large life insurance portfolios in the U.S. We have worked in both family and business contexts and have available the technical and operating resources to handle these transactions and the assets involved.