Institutional Clients

We offer products and services to wide range of institutions — from privately held, small business to publicly traded, international companies. We endeavor to design programs blending both individual and broad-based group contracts to meet our clients coverage level and cost objectives. We also provide extensive investment advisory service for benefit plan fiduciaries.

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Private Clients

We work with leading advisors and their clients, including family offices, to analyze, structure, acquire, and manage life insurance portfolios. Typically, this involves third party analysis, managing premiums to meet cash-flow requirements, and measuring policy performance against the original assumption set.

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International Clients

Pillar has extensive expertise and experience in helping employers provide benefits to executives posted in foreign offices. We facilitate underwriting and placement of off-shore as well as U.S. based insurance products. We have secured substantial key person coverage insuring non U.S. citizens engaged in joint ventures with U.S. based companies.

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Pillar International Insurance Advisors offers products and services to substantial privately held firms, publicly traded companies, professional service organizations, and the exceptionally well to do, both domestically and internationally.